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Apr 15, 2024

The Best Rings In Remnant 2

Looking for some bling that can support your builds? Here are the best rings in Remnant 2! Remnant 2 is a wonderful successor to the first game, introducing plenty of gear, items, weapons, and

Looking for some bling that can support your builds? Here are the best rings in Remnant 2!

Remnant 2 is a wonderful successor to the first game, introducing plenty of gear, items, weapons, and archetypes, giving you the freedom to experiment with a plethora of builds until you find one that suits your playstyle. To complement that experimentation, the game offers over 100 rings to enhance your builds.

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With so many rings, and the unique effects that accompany them, you're practically guaranteed to find at least one that brings your build to the next level. If you're curious about the rings that offer some of the best benefits in the game, though, read on to save yourself some time.

They say every cat has nine lives, and while you're not a cat, the Black Cat Band can help you cash in on a little bit of that luck. When wearing this ring, if you take what would otherwise be fatal damage, your health will instead stay at one, and you'll get 25 percent increased movement speed for ten seconds.

This effect can only activate once every two minutes, but it could be the difference between winning a boss fight or having to start from the beginning. The ring can be bought from Reggie, but only after you've died at least 15 times in your playthrough.

Are you particularly confident in your dodge-rolling skills? If that's true, and you feel like your stamina bar is holding back your full potential, you should pick up the Bisected Ring. This ring gives you infinite stamina, but the catch is that all damage you receive is increased by 25 percent.

The downside of the ring doesn't matter as long as you never get hit, right? You can find the ring in The Labyrinth near a Strange Box after you watch a cutscene, cross a bridge, and find the Corrupted Door.

If you like wearing the bulkier, heavier armor, but hate the downside of having it affect your rolling speed, the Bright Steel Ring is the remedy to your problem. This ring gives you the fastest evade roll, regardless of your armor encumbrance.

While this ring is universally useful for any build with high encumbrance, it is particularly well-suited for Challenger and Engineer archetypes rocking heavy, tanky armor. You can buy this ring from Reggie after you've completed at least 15 biomes either on your own or in co-op.

If you need to soak more damage, the Generating Band is a good solution. As long as you have a shield active, this ring regenerates three percent of your max health per second. With a base health of 100, that's three health per second.

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Shield-generating items, like the Shielded Heart Relic or the Rerouting Cable ring, and max health-increasing Core Traits, like Vigor, help to create a good synergy with this ring. The Generating Band can be found in N'Erud during the Flooded Room event.

If you're focusing on a crit-based build, you can't beat the raw damage increase from the Probability Cord. This ring increases your crit damage by a whopping 30 percent. If you're using a ranged build, picking up the Cracked Ranged Critical Chance Relic Fragment synergizes well with this ring.

You can find the Probability Cord in the Corrupted Harbor area of Root Earth after you've cleared out the boiler room and unlocked a door that backtracks to a checkpoint you've already discovered. Just follow the long root to the end and you'll find the ring.

If you're looking for a direct DPS increase to your ranged build, the Outcast Ring provides a nice stacking effect for that. This ring increases your reload speed by five percent for 15 seconds after you've reloaded. The effect stacks up to five times, meaning you can reload up to 25 percent faster at max stacks.

For even faster reload speeds, you can pair this ring with the Metal Driver ring, which increases reload speed by five percent for seven seconds every time you kill an enemy. The Outcast Ring can be obtained in Losomn, but you'll have to exchange a Spirit WIsp Amulet for it with the Man in the Sewers.

If you're a real crack shot for weak spots in this game, Zania's Malice will make you even more lethal. Every time you deal weak spot damage, this ring will increase weak spot damage dealt by 10 percent for seven seconds, stacking up to three times.

At max stacks, 30 percent increased weak spot damage is no joke. You can find this ring just after the first checkpoint in the Ashen Wasteland of Root Earth. Look for a hole in the wall just above the first ramp you see.

Although it's best suited for crit chance-based builds, the Sapphire Dreamstone can suit any build looking to spam skills more often. Every time you do critical damage, this ring will reduce your skill cooldowns by three percent and can be activated as fast as every two seconds.

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The ring is a bit tricky to find, but if you find the secret passage in Losomn after your character mentions that the area you're in is a bit strange, you're on the right track. If you're struggling, start attacking every painting you see, and eventually, you'll find the passage. Follow it to the end and you'll find the ring.

If you're the "in your face" kind of player who enjoys swinging massive melee weapons at your enemies, the Berserker's Crest is a must-have. This ring increases your melee charge speed by 20 percent and reduces your melee stamina costs by 25 percent.

With this ring, you can swing your melee weapon of choice to your heart's content. The ring can be found in a few places during The Coffin event in Yaesha. Take a thorough look around The Chimney, The Twisted Chantry, and The Lament

If you're using a build that capitalizes on inflicting a variety of status effects on enemies, Ahanae Crystal will further augment your damage, giving you five percent additional damage on enemies for each status effect they are suffering from. So, if you inflicted Bleeding, Burning, and Corroding on an enemy, that'd be a nice 15 percent damage increase on that target.

This ring can be bought from Reggie, but only after you've killed Yaesha in Hardcore mode. Thankfully, this can be done with any difficulty, so you can turn it down if you're struggling.

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